Hello all,
I have had this idea for many many years. To a certain extent many of the ideas here have come from my past gaming experiences.

I would like to collaboratively create a world history for earth where all the fantasy elements exist, and yet history’s major events still remain the same. Magic, deities, monsters, all the races etc. Rome falls, but maybe it wasn’t barbarians, maybe it was overuse of magic…. The possibilities are endless I believe.

How do magic and technology interact. The old D & D spell “unseen servant” made permanent could turn wheels, light is a fairly easy spell, how would a readily accessible source of light have affected civilization?

If Deities exist (no wish to offend anyone, this is just an exercise in imagination) how do they interact with their followers. If necromancy is available did/do civilizations use the dead as labor pools? Pyramids anyone? The black death might not have killed feudalism because of the ready (and free) source of workers. But as we are staying close to history, then what did kill feudalism and bring on the renaissance?

So I’m just throwing this out there, hoping people will add to it. I’ll try and keep it organized and have pages for the various races, periods of history, technological/magical creations etc. Whatever I/We determine needs a space for organizational purposes. Of course feel free to add a particular page if you feel it’s needed.

Historical Fantasy, an Oxymoron?